Comic book page experiments - An Autobiography.

As a warm up for the big graphic novel to come, I’ve taken some time to experiment with different styles, moods, border panels, margins, layers, etc. Drawing upon my travels, I chose some of the most memorable experiences and boiled them down into a one-page format. It’s a great challenge!

The first page is about a road trip through the outback from Adelaide to Uluru. The mostly flat landscape here is reinforced by the less than dynamic shots. I wasn't convinced that was a good choice, but eh, that’s what these practice pages are for. The first pass showed a lot more line work and big rich pools of black. The more I worked on the page, the blacks disappeared and a more shape-based design become prevalent.

With the second page, I chose a more shape-based work flow. First I focused on the pools of color and then went in with a little bit of line work when needed. For me this process is much faster since it only takes one or two passes on the drawing before it is finished. When I had focused on line work it took 3 or even 4 passes to get the lines just right and then fill the shapes with color and then make adjustments. Too much time!

Vanuatu was awesome, but give me a squat hole in the jungle before a hollowed out log any day!

On the third page I became more comfortable with laying down shapes and using shadows to show a little depth. The rough shapes lend a sense of spontaneity and feel a bit more approachable. I hope to continue to refine that mood. The line work is minimal and only used to show details in clothing and expressions.

I will never forget Kyle’s face. It was a moment in which the frailty of life and the prospect of death was thrust into his eyes.

Sequential storytelling is a beast, but so engaging and fun to work on! I thank your peepers for looking.