Mine Station Whiskey - Symbiotic Lung

Clipped from the image:

"For emergency one time use only. Please read instruction manual prior to use.

Developed in-house, this symbiote helps the user breath in an otherwise toxic environment.

Famously described as ‘Frenching the Poodle,’ the application of the Sym-Lung can be a queasy ordeal for some. The thick, chewy skin of the starter growth must be punctured by the user‘s teeth and held in place until the patented Sym-Lung growths take hold. Once attached to the tongue, the symbiote takes blood and atmospheric samples before growing to suit the user’s specific needs.

Grow time is approximately 4 minutes.

Prolonged use is inadvisable as symbiotes have unchecked growth rates. 48 hours is the longest one can wear the Sym-Lung before suffering from serious disfigurement. Surgical expertise is required after 48 hours. Removal results in the death of the symbiote."

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Pearce said…
That's a cool idea man, nice rendering too!