Mine Station Whiskey - Spallation Micro-Pulse

Hello all!
Here is a little Mine Station Whiskey update. This is a modified/handheld version of a much larger machine. The 'gun' is originally designed to throw micro-pulses into a rock face at different depths, effectively skimming the face off of a surface at designated nodes.  

In order to throw a pulse from within a rock face, the 9 micro-drill bits are shot into the wall and tailed to the gun nozzles with MicroFilaments. The drills are constantly guided and aware of each other by an on board computer, which triangulates positions between gun, slave, and master bits. Each drill drops a pulse node every 20 centimeters.  Once drills have reached a max depth, a series of pulses are thrown from the gun, through the filaments to the pulse nodes. Once there, waves propagate from master to slave over 8 nanoseconds, effectively shearing the rock wall. Each section of spall falls away from the rock face and can be readied for refinement.
Of course, in some situations it can be used as a weapon.


Dane Madgwick said…
Awesome Bro! really digging the depth of design in these!
Fiona said…
* thumbs up * great work! So detailed.