Mine Station Whiskey - The Monster Within

The Peripatetic Tomography Scanner consists of two parts. The first is a series of quarter size electrodes that are adhered to key points of the body, coupled with a pair of soft contacts worn on the eyes. These continually scan the body, then relay that information to the second part of the mechanism, a high density projector. This then projects the scan onto the body always adjusting and considering the angle of the eyes.

While this system wasn't originally designed for individual use, many people have taken this system and combined it with internal cameras, holos and hand tracking systems which allows for area specific injections and the easy removal of parasites or other foreign objects.

Our patient here has had trouble breathing for the last couple days and is in the process of diagnosing Pneumotoxocariasis- an illness caused by inhaling an airborne parasite.

More info coming soon on other crazy diseases and parasites one can catch on far off stations.