The Hunters of Bones and Blood

An entry for the Artorder challenge. The judge panel was a big draw as to why I started this, plus I've never explored the realms of dragons before... So it was good and fun to dork out for about a week exploring the possibilities for a cool scene.

'It's a world where dragons are the top predator. As an opportunistic animal, they hunt big game along the coast and sea. Its become a rarity to see a live dragon as their numbers have succumbed to the tides of the black market. The bones and blood are thought to cure ailments of the most vicious kind.
Dragon Hunters are desperate, dragon activists are building a case,  and the final hunts have started. Controlling a dragon's food source is key to baiting them from the Depths.'



Simon Prime said…
Beautiful work. The colour and lighting is superb.
Barret said…
Simon! Thanks a bunch buddy!
Hethe Srodawa said…
There's a beautiful simplicity to your value arrangement and composition. Nice.
Barret said…
Thank you kindly Hethe. I took a good hard look at my portfolio before starting this piece. Focused on clarity, readability and a shape based design that would work for the composition.