CDW: Part 1


Last week I had the pleasure in attending a 6-day workshop put on by CDW. The guys are masters of their art and were, in order of appearance: Greg Broadmore, Ben Mauro, Aaron Beck, and Robh Ruppel. Each presentation and approach to image making was different from the last and it was great to see the range of styles and subject matter. By the end of every day, my tiny brain was shattered, glued back together again by coffee, then shattered again. It was great.

One of the best parts of the workshop in my opinion was the length. Since it lasted for 6 days I had ample time to talk with the instructors and to get to know a lot of people in the audience. A lot of artists in attendance blew my socks off as well. This extra down time not focused on presentation was gold.

Without further ado, these are some pieces that I worked on throughout the workshop. I'll post more pieces as I refine some things, rethink my approach, and make it suitable for the public eyes. So up next hopefully it will be some zbrush, environments and some weapon designs!