Philippines: Sketches - Batad Rice Terraces

Having only seen these terraces in pics, I really didn't know what to expect. The week leading up to our visit, locals were telling us, "No don't go, it is going to be so dry. The harvest happened a couple months ago. Skip it." Disregarded. We kept to our plans, made the long (but beautiful) bus ride through winding Cordillera Mountains, and checked into the Las Vegas hostel. We felt right at home as we were introduced to the owner as genuine Las Vegans. He proceeded to take our dinner order then swivel his guitar around and sing us Elvis songs.

The next morning, Steph and I hired a tricycle and sloshed through muddy mountain side roads, until they became too steep and then hitched a ride in a jeepney. At the top of the pass, we got out and started trekking down a long canyon. Only after we cleared a saddle, the terraces came into view.
Walking down the terraces to the river below revealed a huge waterfall. For this piece I just combined the two. :) Even though we went in the "off" season, and we didn't see many rice sprouts, we did get a glimpse into the process of maintaining and planting of baby sprouts on the terraces. Mind blowing! I hope you enjoy!