An illustration just finished for a magazine article written by my better half. The article is an exploratory excursion into the inner workings of our Officetel. What is under your bed?


feox said…
Wow!! Very Funny~!

I studied Arcgitecture.
And worked architeure Office.

I think that(Residential + Commerce) is not good for living.
but Other Korean is not like me.
that is easy or house is expansive(owner).

Anyway, that's character of Korea.
And, your Drawing is exprees welll that point.!

There is many Officetel in Korea.
Officetel is (
but in Nowdays Officetel is builted for Residential.
because City plan has limited Residential and Residential is always expansive.
It's too good to sell.
Barret said…
Thanks for the words feox! Sometimes it is interesting how much you don't know about what goes on in the same building.