3 Beer Labels - IPA's and Brown

Here are a few examples of beer labels I've finished for a great local Brewery. Each one is based on different locales around and in Las Vegas. The first is a seasonal brew, and a little bit edgy. The following are their permanent brews and therefore more aligned with the Tenaya Creek brand.


bee_low said…
I think you are the best unknown artist I know. I am surprised that you don't have a lot of fans. Your work is so good. I am always inspired to draw, you being one of the reasons to keep pushing my art further. Hope things are well with you. I am interested to see your graphic novel come together.
Barret said…
Bryce! You are making me blush. You're too nice. I've been keeping tabs on you, aka "lurking" over at your blog as well. Great stuff. It makes me happy I don't have to hound you to post more stuff. It is always a pleasure to see your progress with each new post.

I had one day to finish the paintings on each one, and I kept them relatively loose since it's more fun that way, and since they are going to be printed so small(only 4" tall).
Thank you again my friend. I hope all is well.